Friday, July 10, 2009

What now?

Now that I've run my marathon, what do I want to accomplish next? At this point, I have no urge to run another marathon (although if I could shave just a couple minutes off my time, I could beat Oprah's time). I would like to continue running. Knowing that my knees can handle running again was a nice surprise, it's just a matter of training and being in shape. I have signed up for an 8k next month. Seattle Torchlight Run. Some people are dressed up as pirates. Arrrghh!
  1. Cook more at home
  2. Yoga class once a week
  3. Stretching every day
  4. Running with Otto
  5. Learn how to golf (lessons with Helen in the fall?)
Back to the marathon, I've taken a week+ off from running. Not because my toenails were falling off like some of my fellow JIM'ers (ouch!), but just to give my body a break. Turns out after 4 days or so I was feeling sore from not exercising. I was supposed to play soccer tonight, but I had a filling redone late this afternoon and my mouth is still numb.  Already some excuses, but sometimes you just take a breather.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gone running

Haven't been here in a while. I'll be back eventually, but for now you can follow me on my marathon training journey. I'm just about 16 weeks into a 20 week training program with Joints in Motion and the Arthritis Foundation for the Inaugural Seattle Rock & Roll Marathon June 27th, 2009. Wow, that's coming up!

I've logged 280 miles so far, longest run in one go has been 15 miles. Wow, I never thought I'd be wishing I had only signed up for the half-marathon. :)

Running a marathon was never on my life 'to do' list. It was something other people did. People ask what is it that pushed me to sign up. I'm not exactly sure, just wanting to do something. I'm getting in great shape and making a difference to a worthwhile cause.

I originally signed up for the half marathon, and was reluctantly talked into doing the full. I told myself I don't have the run the whole thing. The group I'm training with is a good bunch of people. I can't remember if it was Tina or Sean who told me about the Seattle Rock & Roll. A band every mile. That's pretty cool, I like music. Run 13 miles, hmmm, I play soccer now so at least I'm active. Tina kept telling me that I'm a runner. I was a runner back in high school, what 15+ years ago! Once a runner, not always a runner.

If interested in donating to a worthy cause, click here.