Sunday, January 15, 2006

Happy Lohri

I think Seattle's rain streak has ended. 27 straight days of rain (unless they receive 1/100th of an inch? of rain by midnight). Sounds like today was beautiful (the Mantis was stuck in 4 hrs of traffic on the way to Stevens this morning, Ben told Stukes about chest deep powder!). Too bad I was on the way home from TC. But it was worth it.

Ryan's Lohri party was good times. Finally met 24--he smiles in person unlike most of his photos. Seems a sweetie, though really only had a few minutes to hang with him. Reub seems sooo happy about being a dad. Amazing to see so many of his family and friends come together for such an event. Rueben's mom sure knows how to throw a party. Plenty of food and alcohol flowing. And damn, those Indians love to dance. :)

I'm hoping to hit some powder tomorrow. If I need to be on the road in 7 hours, I better get some rest. Hopefully I have good stories (pics?) next time.