Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Paying it forward

Going through my blog roll recently, I came across an entry that got me all teary.

Here's how The Bloggess decided to pay it forward.
The past few days have been a whirlwind and I’m exhausted  and have given myself hives so please forgive the typos.
A few days ago I put up a post offering $30 gift cards to the first twenty people who didn’t know how they were going to give their kids Christmas gifts this year.  They went frighteningly quickly.  When I got to the twentieth person I saw that there were still a few more people who needed help and my heart sunk.  Then a few comments in one person said “I’ll take care of the 21st person”.  Then another person offered a card for the 22nd.  Then another.  Then it avalanched...
Amazing.  The Washington Post wrote up an article.

I don't feel like I go too big at Christmas, I usually just buy gifts for immediate family and occasionally close friends.  Though I try and come up with a list of gift ideas throughout the year so it's not just a mad dash to find something that will work for the recipient, about half-way through the shopping, that's exactly what it becomes.  Then I tell myself that next year will be different.  Maybe we'll have an agreement that all gifts must be hand-made or set limits on how much we're going to spend or pull 1 name out of a hat.  Bottom line, I think my loved ones enjoy the time spent together over the gifts received.  Need to remind myself of that so that I don't get distracted next year once the Christmas music starts getting played 24/7.

I'll write another entry after the holidays to let you know how the gifts given this year went over.  A couple of them are paying it forward in a way.

Thanks Bloggess for spreading holiday cheer and some major inspiration.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Survival of the Squirrel

Driving to work yesterday morning, along Pacific Avenue in front of Health Sciences, I saw a squirrel running across the road and thought it was doomed.  It had just crossed 2 busy lanes of traffic of oncoming traffic and was at the middle (at the curb barrier) about 2 car lengths in front of me.  Instead of running in front/underneath the vehicle, it jumped up and INTO the side of the passing car.  It bounced off, shook itself off and then continued it's run before the next car came along.  I doubt my explanation sounds as cool as the little clip I can still see in my head.  Was so happy my day started off with quick reflexes (lucky) squirrel instead of squished squirrel.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Valentime!

I'm a fan of 30 Rock and loved the Valentine's Day episode where Jack ends up with drunk 'lady' at the end of the time who wishes folks Happy Valentime's.

Making small talk with a nurse the other day and she mentions she was born on St. Patty's Day, her son was also born on a holiday, Valentime's Day.  Thought I misheard, but she says it again later, her son was born on Valentime's Day.

Ah, it's the little things that keep me entertained.  :)