Friday, July 10, 2009

What now?

Now that I've run my marathon, what do I want to accomplish next? At this point, I have no urge to run another marathon (although if I could shave just a couple minutes off my time, I could beat Oprah's time). I would like to continue running. Knowing that my knees can handle running again was a nice surprise, it's just a matter of training and being in shape. I have signed up for an 8k next month. Seattle Torchlight Run. Some people are dressed up as pirates. Arrrghh!
  1. Cook more at home
  2. Yoga class once a week
  3. Stretching every day
  4. Running with Otto
  5. Learn how to golf (lessons with Helen in the fall?)
Back to the marathon, I've taken a week+ off from running. Not because my toenails were falling off like some of my fellow JIM'ers (ouch!), but just to give my body a break. Turns out after 4 days or so I was feeling sore from not exercising. I was supposed to play soccer tonight, but I had a filling redone late this afternoon and my mouth is still numb.  Already some excuses, but sometimes you just take a breather.