Monday, July 31, 2006

Getting settled

Our place is looking better and better each day. So great to have a full weekend without anything but our stuff to deal with. I begged Jeremy to cover our PAWS shift on Sunday and he agreed even though he'll be covering my shift next Sunday when I'm out of town. I'll be taking a couple extra shifts later this month to compensate.

*The kitchen is unpacked. Darren cleaned all the shelves and we started unloading our goods. Still disorganized, but we aren't tripping over boxes. Have yet to find that last box of spices, we really wanted the no MSG Johnny's for steaks on Saturday, we survived with plain ol' salt and pepper. Also discovered most folks down in the south end likely bbq with charcoal briquettes, we drove for quite a while before we found a gas station with propane for our gas grill.

*A couple outdoor plants are in the ground. Our sweet old neighbors at our last place dug up some plants for us: pinks, daisies, and this one plant with cool red flowers. We might go back once more to dig up our irises and dahlias. While checking out our yard I came across a large (bigger than my head) yellow jacket's nest in the tree in our backyard. Just above head height hiding hidden among the leaves. Eek! Good thing when my friends (who were hiding in the tree's shade with popsicles after our move) and little 2 year old 2nd cousin (my cousin's child--is that a 2nd cousin?) who was running around in the yard a couple days later (wearing a bright yellow t-shirt and all sticky with popsicle, big no-no's when it comes to yellow jackets) were not stung!

*I took a very pleasant 3 hour nap. I had no trouble falling asleep at my regular time that evening. I think my body was telling me something. Rest! With the longer commute I am now waking up at 7ish AM and catching my bus at 8 (takes me about an hour to get into work) whereas before I used to wake up at maybe 8:45 AM for the 25 minute commute. I had it easy for 2 years while Darren had the long commute, it's my turn this time. I need to unpack my books so I have something to do while on the bus.

*Friday night Erica and Roxy came over to catch up. We went out in search of dessert and coffee. The Starbucks in Columbia City was closed so we checked out Lottie's Lounge. We weren't in the mood for alcoholic drinks and enjoyed our chai tea (Morning Glory is the best) and chocolate torte. Yum. Erica used to work with youth in this neighborhood back in 1999. She said it's changed a lot ('everyone's white now').

Thursday, July 20, 2006

It's official!

We moved on Sunday, one of the warmest days of the year. Thankfully, we had a lot of help so we finished the majority of the move in one go. D and I did a couple more loads Monday and Tuesday, we cleaned the old place Wednesday, and turned in our keys last night. Now we can focus on unpacking and arranging our space.

I'm overwhelmed with the amount of stuff we have. Our house is 1180 sq ft (2 br/1 bath) including a 1 car garage and basement. As we were living in an 1850 sq ft (3 br/2 bath) house, D and I didn't get rid of much when we moved in together. I tried to purge as best as I could before the move, but it appears I have problems getting rid of stuff. I was able to get rid of bags of clothes, it makes sense to get rid of something I haven't worn in a year or so (or what doesn't fit anymore). But it's much harder giving away something which has a memory attached. Letters, pictures (thank goodness for digital cameras), trinkets, you name it, I still have it. I need to adopt the mantra 'love it or toss it'. I guess I just have too much love. :)

Still boggles my mind that this is really OUR house. It's exciting and now that the stress of the home search/bidding/closing/all those other pesky details is over with I finally feel a bit giddy. Doin' the happy dance. :)

Monday, July 17, 2006

Afternoon adventure

I forgot I was supposed to drop off a cashier's check at the escrow company today to cover the remainder of what we owe for closing costs. Luckly, my agent called to see how the signing went last week which reminded me of the check. Shoot, Darren leaves town for a couple days (ahhhhh, the bed all to myself!) and I forget about my responsibilities.

Anyhow, I'm at work without any paperwork regarding how much I owe. Call the escrow co. and leave a message stating I'm a dumbass and don't know how much I owe. As it's gettting later in the day, I can't wait too long for a response--I decide to bus it home to get necessary information, bus it to my bank, bus it to the escrow co., grab a bite to eat, and then bus it back to work. Takes 2 hours and 5 buses, of course most of that time is spent waiting for the buses (ok, for 1 of them I was just feeling lazy and didn't want to walk the last bit to work). Rolling down Roosevelt on the #66 & 67 a flood of memories; my old hood near Greenlake, being a student in the UD, Thursday nights at Dante's, pool at the Zoo. A bit sad to be moving from North Seattle which I know so well, but also excited I'll eventually learn my way around South Seattle.

Deed is done, check has been dropped off. I get back to work and there's a message from the escrow co. (left half an hour after I left), stating the final total comes to $70 more than what I dropped off because of an additional recording fee. D'oh. Will I have to do this again tomorrow? I do have a car, but I'm too cheap to pay for parking while I'm at work, plus the Seattle bus system is great (as long as you work at the U). I call back and am told this fee is just an estimate so we're likely ok. I sure hope so, because though I love taking 2 hour lunches, it really shouldn't happen on a daily basis. :)

Thursday, July 13, 2006


We close on our house next week! Start moving in on the 23rd, hopefully our current place is empty and clean by the 31st. I'm psyched, but for some reason I don't feel I'm as psyched as I should be. Possible reasons:

*Packing and moving. I hate moving. I haven't 'really' moved in 4 years. I say 'really' because though we moved into our current place just over 2 years ago, Darren moved most of my shit for me. I was out of the country and he moved his stuff AND my stuff. What a guy. I've got a lot of stuff, and know I need to get rid of a lot of it now, before the packing and move. Darren likes to remind me how much stuff I have, but I can't give him a hard time about it because he literally moved it for me. Though I'm constantly adding junk to the give-away pile, there is just more stuff. Need to remind myself 'Love it or toss it!'

*We're staying in the city, but I wonder if moving to South Seattle will affect how often I see my peeps. Thing is I already feel fairly isolated and anti-social. But it's my own doing really. Saving for a house has been the biggest reason. D working a lot lately is another. I know I shouldn't let D's schedule affect my own activities, but sometimes it's hard to motivate myself when he's so exhausted.

*I quit soccer for my foot's sake. We lost most of our games, but the folks on my team are good folks and it was great exercise (if hard on the body).

*I haven't been visiting my cousins and they live just 15 or so blocks away currently, meant to get together more often being family and all but I particularly wanted to get to know their daughter, Brigette, better. She's a handful but I kinda miss being around kiddos. No, not planning on any kiddos of my own anytime soon.

*I don't make it out to church (Thursday night beer) too often. We used to meet at Dante's which was a straight shot from Maple Leaf. Once the DJ'ing started it was moved to Ballard Ale House. It's usually not too exciting, but a chance to catch up with people. I've just convinced myself to go tonight. Soon I'll live even further from the action and it will only be harder to stay religious. ;)

Okay, well how can I be more social:

invite folks out for 1st Friday's in Columbia City ($5 cover gets you into a number of different bars with live music)
take some art classes at Seward Park
get out and exercise. Maybe this isn't exactly social, but it'll help my energy levels
go to church at least 1x/month
plan for our housewarming for later this summer.
find another volunteer gig closer to home. Bike works?
get crafty. i like being creative, but don't make the time. Schedule it!
invite friends over for dinners/movies

We have a house!!