Monday, July 17, 2006

Afternoon adventure

I forgot I was supposed to drop off a cashier's check at the escrow company today to cover the remainder of what we owe for closing costs. Luckly, my agent called to see how the signing went last week which reminded me of the check. Shoot, Darren leaves town for a couple days (ahhhhh, the bed all to myself!) and I forget about my responsibilities.

Anyhow, I'm at work without any paperwork regarding how much I owe. Call the escrow co. and leave a message stating I'm a dumbass and don't know how much I owe. As it's gettting later in the day, I can't wait too long for a response--I decide to bus it home to get necessary information, bus it to my bank, bus it to the escrow co., grab a bite to eat, and then bus it back to work. Takes 2 hours and 5 buses, of course most of that time is spent waiting for the buses (ok, for 1 of them I was just feeling lazy and didn't want to walk the last bit to work). Rolling down Roosevelt on the #66 & 67 a flood of memories; my old hood near Greenlake, being a student in the UD, Thursday nights at Dante's, pool at the Zoo. A bit sad to be moving from North Seattle which I know so well, but also excited I'll eventually learn my way around South Seattle.

Deed is done, check has been dropped off. I get back to work and there's a message from the escrow co. (left half an hour after I left), stating the final total comes to $70 more than what I dropped off because of an additional recording fee. D'oh. Will I have to do this again tomorrow? I do have a car, but I'm too cheap to pay for parking while I'm at work, plus the Seattle bus system is great (as long as you work at the U). I call back and am told this fee is just an estimate so we're likely ok. I sure hope so, because though I love taking 2 hour lunches, it really shouldn't happen on a daily basis. :)

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