Thursday, October 23, 2008


I think this will be a good year. 33 is a good number. 32 wasn't so bad either. I got a new job I get a kick out of. I traveled to Italy where a good friend of mine got married. I got engaged to a wonderful man, on a rooftop terrace overlooking Venice with lightning and fireworks in the sky. I got a dog who loves to play in the snow. My fiance's (still not used to using this term) brother had a beautiful daughter. My dad had heart surgery which was incredibly scary but he's recovered and is feeling great. D and I went to the coast in January (remember that Henry Weinhard's commercial?). I got a fancy new camera. I look forward to planning a fun wedding. I'm not a great planner so this should be interesting. I look forward to getting into some sort of exercise routine this fall and winter. I'll continue to play soccer through winter, but I will be adding yoga, snowboarding, daily stretching, weights, swimming, running... Ha, we'll see about all that. Intention has been there since D and I talked about coming into work early/staying late to work out at the IMA since we commute together now. I'd like to spend more time with family and friends and take better care of my home. Maybe have a housewarming. Document a bit more of my life here on this blog. On that note, I think I'll sign off. It's time for pizza, salad, wine, brownies for dessert, a bit of Thursday night TV, starting up the Twilight series, and snugglin' with my babe.