Monday, September 4, 2006

overdid it but i did it

From a 'run' last week, last Wednesday I believe: gmaps-pedometer. Cool tool for mileage as I don't have one of those fancy portable GPS trackers. Run is in quotes as I walked most of this. I ran down a steep hill at the beginning of the run which wasn't a good idea as my left knee was killing me later. I would run until my knee couldn't take it, walk, run, run, eventually I just walked it. Tina says I started with way too much mileage. Makes sense. But I couldn't help but head to Seward as it's close by and I found the Martha Washington Park on the way so I had to check it out. Though we don't have a view of the water, I love living close by. Seward's main trail is 3 miles or so around the perimeter but it has a few trails which criss cross through the middle. I found one and enjoyed how quiet it was, easy to forget this was still Seattle. As I came out onto the main path, the sun had set, leaving beautiful colors in the sky. Aside from the knee pain during the run and the soreness the next couple of days (uh, hello, need to stretch before and after!) I was happy to make it out.