Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A moment

  • To sit and drink my tea which I hope will calm my upset belly
  • To hear my baby breathing in his sleep
  • To be amazed that almost 4 months has gone by since Finn was born
  • To contemplate the fact Finn can and has slept through the night
  • To wonder if it will happen again tonight
  • To yawn and think that I'll most likely be up a couple of times tonight
  • To be sad that my maternity leave is over and I've gone back to work
  • To accept that my babe is in daycare
  • To be strong and know that he's being well taken care of
  • To notice Finn already seems more curious of his expanding world
  • To be grateful Darren is an awesome Dad
  • To be thankful Finn is such a sweet boy
  • To look forward to the fun times ahead