Thursday, February 3, 2011


I got married about a week ago.  Strange that something it seems like I've been thinking about forever (not since I was a little girl forever, but longer than 2.5 years since Darren and I have been together for 10+ years) has finally happened.  Darren and I got engaged 2.5 years ago but the planning kept getting stalled.  I think I kept using Darren's lack of wanting to be super involved as a reason for me to keep holding off.  Or what we were each expecting just didn't mesh.  Or I wanted to make other people happy.  Ideas were thrown out there and there were certain ideas which stuck, but an actual date eluded us.

Then, I got pregnant.  I don't feel one must be married to have a kiddo, but I did want to be married, and wow, the pressure from my parentals increased big time.  At first, I was still resisting.  It would happen when it would happen.  The way we had been going, um, that hadn't really worked for us.  So yes, we were going to get married, now it was a matter of before or after.  Well, D's parents would be out of state for a couple months so it's either January or April.

I already had a dress.  I still fit into the dress at 3+ months preggo, but if we waited until D's parents returned, um, I would no longer be fitting into the dress.  This wasn't necessarily the perfect dress (I bought it on-line during one of J Crew's sales, thanks T!), but the dress wasn't a really big issue to me (remember, I did not have a dream wedding in mind).  It was a really beautiful classic style, it fit well enough, well at least it had ~2 years ago.  :)  I didn't want to have to buy another dress.

Okay then, lets have the wedding in January, there are a couple weekends we know all our family will be available.  Narrow that down to 1.  Oh, and let's invite some of our close friends.

Now, the ceremony.  It's cold and wet outside in January, should probably be done indoors for everyone's sake.  We have two friends who can officiate ceremonies.  If neither of them work out, we've got a back-up option.

Location.  Indoors, can accommodate a ceremony and dinner, or we have the ceremony at Darren's parent's house and find a place for dinner.  Right now it's about a week and a half from our chosen wedding date.  No pressure.  Ray's Boathouse was mentioned, but kinda shelved because they charge a big fee if you have the ceremony on-site.  I contacted a random Italian restaurant on the east side which would work if we end up having the ceremony at D's parents place.  I contact Snoqulimie Lodge because it would be a cool location and memorable.  One of their smaller rooms is available and they're willing to work with us.  We end up contacting Ray's as it's one of our favorite restaurants and much more us.  The location is available and they're willing to lower the ceremony fee since we're going super simple (I don't need an hour long rehearsal, aisle runner, bottle of champagne, etc).  Contract is signed 1 week before our wedding!

Now it's a matter of officially inviting our friends and family, officially asking our friend to officiate, and taking care of some other small details.

My lovely girl friends arranged mani/pedi's (HOA on Roosevelt has a group room) a couple nights before the wedding and for all of us to get our hair done (Gary Manuel Aveda Institute rocks!) the morning of the wedding.  If anyone needs their hair done for a special occasion the students do an awesome job for an amazing price!

The evening ended up being about as perfect as I could have hoped (will be a separate entry).  Now that we're officially Mr. and Mrs, all we need to worry about it planning a kick-ass party!  Can't wait.