Tuesday, August 9, 2005

SCI rocks again!

I've just returned from the most fantastic trip. String Cheese Incident at the beautiful Horning's Hideout venue. It's summer camp for people of all ages. I don't know how to explain it--it's an experience. A 'hidden community'. 5000 folks camped amongst the trees and fields. People from all over the world, all backgrounds, families, oldies, you name it. Folks who love to dance or enjoy the freedom of partying under the stars. Those who want to free themselves from the constraints of what's 'normal'. It's so colorful and lively--my pictures do not do it justice. Man-o-man the positive vibes you feel when SCI is jammin' is unbelievable. The smiles on people's faces when you look around--it makes me wish everyone I knew could be with me at that moment to come experience the fun times of SCI.

This might have been the last year for SCI at Horning's which makes me very verklempt. Please check out the Horning's website for more info and a way to contact the local city council--Bob wants to do all he can to allow future festivals at his venue.

Thanks to SCI, Bob, and all the other Cheeseheads out there for another magical time at summer camp!


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