Thursday, August 24, 2006

4 weeks plus

We've been in our house for more than a month now, but I'm not as settled as I'd like. It would help if I had more time for just house stuff. A week after moving we left on vacation. A road trip to Northern Cali for Reggae on the River Festival, 4 days of hedonism at it's finest. We were with a good bunch of people, had great weather, a great camping spot (in the shade, close to a swimming hole), and enjoyed world famous reggae music (one would think at a music festival I would catch more live music, but I spent a lot of time at camp, in the shade, listening to the shows broadcast over a local radio station). D and I did take a day off after our vacation to sleep and got massages!

There hasn't been anything we've had to to, to make our house liveable. But we definitely have a big To Do List:

insulate the attic
insulate ducting
add support to our deck
add support to our crawlspace
add a peephole to front door
paint side of the house (blistering issues)
rehang a few doors
pub table for kitchen?
desk from parents into guest room?
french drain along back side of house

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