Monday, October 2, 2006

Before & After

Dang, I have so much hair! Stylist said she probably cut off 12 inches or so. I haven't had it cut (other than a trim or 2) in maybe 2.5 years. My hair grows fast. Uh, didn't think I was going to cut off so much, otherwise I would have donated it. I basically said I just wanted some style and something easy. Big change, but I don't mind the length as it's still long enough I can put most of it back into a ponytail. I'll have to post another pic a few days from now when it hasn't been blow dried flat at the salon (I never blow dry my hair as it takes forever and can never get it flat on my own anyhow) and will be much poofier. I've heard a ceramic flat iron could do the trick, but I'm not a morning person and if it'll add time to my routine, I'll likely pass.

Hmm, is it me or is the left side (your right) a bit longer? Mebbe next time I'll smile for the camera. :)

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fishsprout said...

Dang woman! I didn't realize it had gotten so damn long!! I like the shorter on you, you're head is too small for all that hair. :)