Thursday, January 3, 2008


Okaaaaay...last year's blog post about the new year (2007) is still on this page. Guess I should add blogging to my list of resolutions. :) As I read over that post, I notice my resolutions haven't really changed. At first I was disappointed with that fact, but for the most part they are things I'd like to stick with forever, not just for a year.


It feels I'm constantly filling up bags to take to Goodwill, yet clutter is still an issue. I wonder if Tina was going crazy while she was here. She did keep vacuuming, I guess that's just a sign my house is dirty--furry at least! I rearranged the back bedroom which has helped how claustrophobic it felt. I can pack up the keyboard which takes up most of one wall (we now have an upright piano!).

I did a lot of job searching, just not much applying. I was waiting for what? I think a sure thing. Having a big mortgage, I need security. I'm not a fan of big change to begin with. But being happy is important. I tolerate my job, but it doesn't make me happy. It doesn't excite me and that has carried over into my 'real' life.

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