Sunday, June 6, 2010

Homework: Blogging

I'd like to get some more focus into my life. I feel pulled in many directions and don't think this scattered energy is very helpful. Though I'm doing, I'm not accomplishing. I haven't blogged here in over a year and I wonder if by organizing my thoughts here again, I can 'breathe in, and breathe out' a little easier. I'll be working on:
  • planning a wedding!
  • continuing to run on a regular basis even after I complete my half marathon at the end of the month
  • signing up for another race (possibly a sprint tri?!)
  • more yoga
  • photography (pics with a purpose, projects, organizing and sharing)
  • learning more and educating others about Aplastic Anemia (a rare blood marrow disease that my fiance diagnosed with in November of 2009)
  • meal planning with our once-a-week CSA food delivery from Full Circle Farms.
  • becoming more self-sufficient and sustainable at home (energy efficiency, growing our own veggies, installing drip irrigation)
  • simplifying
On that note, I will sign off since I can't find my list I wrote up the other day regarding this post. It must be in one of my piles. :) Looking forward to sharing here again.

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tina said...

Love it. I'll work on keeping you honest. And vice versa. Now, go get blogging. :)