Saturday, October 27, 2007

Otto is here!

We have just adopted a 5 year old, long legged, skinny, playful, and sweet German Shepherd. He's sacked out right now after an afternoon of playing ball. He doesn't seem nervous about the new house or family, just curious and likely wondering when he gets to go back to his foster mom. He hasn't met Marley yet--she's hiding outside at the moment--it's too nice out to force her inside. I took some cute pics of Otto, but the computer and/or camera is having issues. The pic here is from Cara, one of the volunteers at Washington German Shepherd Rescue, where we found Otto. We thought we'd change his name after we got him, but it seems to fit. Glad we have a full weekend to get to know him better. Of course, I may sneak out for a bit tonight to head to Jason's Halloween party, but Darren who's a bit sick will stay home to keep Otto company. Yay, we have a doggie!

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