Thursday, December 6, 2007

Otto update

* He's a love. :)

* Marley and him are not getting along but we're starting some forced together time. No, we don't throw them into a room together or anything, I hold her while Darren works with Otto in the same room. We've been following 'rules' we've found on-line, but those just weren't working.

* Otto still can't help barking his head off when he sees dogs while on walks. He's getting better and we'll continue to walk him around the 'hood--we're just always aware of who's coming down the street and take detours if necessary.

* We have 1 more obedience class with him. He usually has a few flare ups in class with barking and getting riled up when other dogs are vocal, but overall he's doing great. Sit, down, shake, heel, wait, come here, leave it (needs work), down stays, passing by other dogs (has issues at times). We're in a shepherds only class at Cascade Kennels (we are NOT the only one with issues) and the instructor is great. Wish we could take more classes here, but if so it won't be on a weeknight at 6 pm! Getting to Woodinville from South Seattle sucks in traffic.

* It's amazing how a dog forces you into a schedule. I get up at 6:30 now (not so nice) so the kids can be fed and Otto let out before I leave. I get into work earlier and get home earlier (this I like). Darren gives Otto a walk every morning and I give him a walk some evenings. Play time, doggie visits, family visits.

* I'm amazed at how much we can spend on just 1 new addition to the family. No matter what we're headed out for we have a bagful of doggie gear. Lucky guy.

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