Thursday, December 6, 2007

Flooding #2

I left work early on Monday--was told we shouldn't be walking around in hazardous hospital waste. Good plan. A bleach wash for our shoes (I'm so glad my shoes were waterproof that day!) and a long bus ride home. It was still raining pretty hard on the way home--I figured I'd be checking our basement for water when I got home. Hmm, our garage is open, the light is on, and I hear a vacuum. Darren had been wet/dry vacuuming for a good 3 or 4 hours already. Really, we're lucky. Most of the stuff in our basement is crap. We need to get serious about simplifying our lives and getting rid of more stuff. A look to the backyard and it's easy to see why we're having issues. There's a cascade of 4 mini waterfalls shooting out of the concrete wall from the neighbor's yard. The back yard had recently been re-graded which caused quite a bit of water to pool above the crack. Once in our yard the water flowed all river-like along the side of our yard, under our deck, down the old steps and towards our crawl-space and garage. Water pooling in the crawl-space then slowly seeps into the basement. 6-8 hours of vacuuming and countless trips to the street (10 gallon wet/dry vacuum with dying wheels) and we caught up to the now light rain outside. Whew, long day. We had flooding in our basement last December and this storm was considered a 100 year storm (hmm, 2 100 year storms in 11 years...ah, I was mistaken what a 100 year old stormactually meant) and according to researchers we'll likely have more big rains in the future. Joys of being a homeowner right?

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