Thursday, December 6, 2007


On Monday morning, Seattle had almost 5 inches of rain in a very short amount of time. My day started with shit, literally. I was at my desk around 8:30 AM when I get a whiff of something nasty. We occasionally get weird smells through the ventilation system so I was just hoping my coworkers wouldn't walk in thinking it was me. The smell got worse so I got up and just around the corner I see brownish water streaming from the hall wall. Oh no...nastiness. I jump over the spreading water to get out of the room, wanting to warn others. Didn't need to, the hall had water, most of the other rooms had water and people were wandering around in it. I run in to grab my stuff and shut down my computer moving my stuff to a 'safe' spot. Don't really know what to do, calls have already been made. The bosses aren't in yet, other lab spaces in the basement also were hit. Turns out Pacific Avenue in front of Health Sciences was flooded across all 4 lanes of traffic. Apparently an individual 'cleared' a drain which helped the flooding over the street, but caused all that water to overwhelm the hospital sewer system causing a back-up. Hospital sewage, can't be good. Our lab will be shut down for a month of 2 (can't exactly make doses for patients in these conditions. Everything has to be moved out so walls and floors can be worked on. Finding space for 15 people is not an easy task and the last few days have been files, equipment, and desk moving fun. Ugh. I need to schedule a massage. Luckily (?) I have plenty of computer work to keep me busy through next year.

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