Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Marley-Otto Update

There may be another cat in our future. This made me think of Marley and Otto's progress so far. It's still...tense. Otto is interested in Marley's every move. Marley feels the safest on her cat tower which means that's where she hangs out most of the time. Wasn't a big issue during the winter when she slept most of the time, but now that it's spring (Seattle spring=rain of course!) she does want to go out every now and then. Ding, ding, ding. As I'm thinking of this and wondering how another cat would change the dynamic in the house (tag team Otto or would it be Marley getting tag teamed?), I think of Marley's collar. It has a bell on it. A bell which broadcasts her location. A bell which lets Otto know every time she just shakes her head or jumps to another level of her tower. Duh, maybe if I remove her bell, she could actually be her stealthy self and have a bit more freedom in the house without Otto always checking on her. Took the bell off after getting home from work and she's already pushing her normal boundries. 7 months. I kept that dang bell on for 7 months!

About this other cat. A friend of a friend is looking for a new home for his Bengal cat. I've been itching for a new cat and D's expressed interest in Bengal's in the past. I am worried how Marley will take it--she already is in a stressed situation, but maybe another cat would keep the attention off of her. And maybe a Bengal wouldn't be as shy as Marley. All Otto wants is another playmate (hmmm, can our house handle another dog too?). We'll likely do a meet and greet to see how we like little Damien.

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