Sunday, October 3, 2010

Question Consumerism

Made a trip to the mall today.  I really loathe the mall.  The traffic, crowds of people, strong smells, cranky kids, and cheaply made clothing most of which have been transported half way across the world.  Usually feel pretty gross after spending much time in a mall, but it was a necessary evil as I've had jeans and bras on my 'need' list for a while now.  Can't help but feel guilty, but I accept that I can't find everything I need at the thrift store.

To top it off, grabbed some fast food on the way home.  Boo.  I think I've just been a negative nellie most of the day since I had to go to work this AM (skipping out on yoga).  Not a fan of working on the weekends.  :(  Hmm, what sort of job is out there which would actually energize me, be something to look forward to?  My job isn't all bad, but I must admit I'm not feeling great about it.  It's become just a job.  I've passed the 2 year mark (honeymoon phase?).  I worry about funding.  Half of my salary now comes from the department as my boss couldn't afford to keep me full time.  But again, it's a job, which helps when I need to go the mall to shop (oh yeah and helps out with mortgage payments, groceries, benefits).

Ok, off for some yoga before bed.

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Amy said...

Oh yeah I hate malls too! My sister says it's like being in a war zone. I need new bras though also... I only have 2 that fit now, but I'm just so lazy!!! :)