Monday, March 28, 2011

2nd Trimester

  • I've been able to borrow maternity clothing from my sis-in-law who is the same size as me and has great sense of style.  Maternity style has come a long way.  I swear I'm dressing more stylish while pregnant than I normally do.  Maybe this just means I need to work on my regular wardrobe once I can fit back into it.
  • We're starting to accumulate baby stuff from friends who have had boys and aren't planning on future kiddos.  This has been awesome.  Also nice to be able to find out which things are necessary vs. what stuff we can hold off acquiring until we know we have more space and/or money.  We receive a used carseat (and yes, I do know there are now expiration dates on these things--I wonder if this is really for the infant's sake or the company's profits).
  • We find out we’re having a boy!  Really cool to see him so active during ultrasounds.  Pretty weird that I can’t feel any of that movement yet.
  • Around week 18, I realize I can feel him move around.  Felt like gas bubbles in the beginning, but eventually I realize, that’s my son in there!  Love this peculiar feeling.  He gets particularly active after I eat (especially something sweet) or when I 1st lay down in bed.
  • I drop in on some prenatal yoga classes.
  • Haven't been having specific cravings except for caffeine which I've done a pretty good job of avoiding.  I used to be a big tea drinker and have found that non-caffeinated tea just doesn't cut it.  I do seem to be craving sweets after lunch & dinner.  Chocolate or ice cream seem to hit the spot when I do indulge.
  • My belly button is slowly turning into an outie.  It's true what they say about the inside of a belly button feeling very soft.
  • Have been working on turning our 2nd bedroom which was an office/storage space (crafty stuff, music equipment, old letter, photo albums, random junk...) into an office/nursery.  This means going through everything to decide what we really need to keep and what can be given away.  A desk and an empty dresser will stay.  Eventually add some wall shelving for office storage.  A bookshelf will stay for kids books & toys.  A TV armoire will move into the basement for storage.  A crib (currently in pieces) will be moving in.  Eventually will also have to tackle the closet which also was a collection space of shtuff.

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