Sunday, September 26, 2010

30 Days of Yoga

One of the items on my life list is practicing yoga for 30 days in a row.  I go to a yoga class now and then and I have everything I 'need' to practice at home, but I still don't make time for it on a regular basis.  I've heard that it can take 30 days to break or start a habit, so why not try this with yoga?

I might have found just the thing to help me out with this one!  30 Days of Yoga.  This is a really great idea, love that I have someone to help me on this journey to get me back to my seattleyogi self.  Ha, maybe I can combine this along with 30 days of blogging.  :)

Now, off to walk the dog in the rain, then a yoga class (in a studio where I have already paid money for classes yet it's been a couple of months since I have attended!), a possible stop by Gather, a lovely little consignment store in Columbia City, then back home to sign up for my month long yoga class!

Good feeling about this one.


Amy said...

Oh that's so fun that you live by Columbia City... do you ever eat at Geraldine's?? I <3 that place!!!

Seattle Yogi said...

Geraldine's is awesome! Really like Columbia City in general, lots of good food to choose from and a few cute shops. Really wish I had a good idea (& money & time) for a business, there a number of vacant buildings in the area screaming for something fun. Darren and I did find a new breakfast place in Georgetown, Calamity Janes, which we like. One of these days we'll have to meet up for brunch.