Tuesday, September 7, 2010

35 before (end of) 35

I came across a blog post of 30 things to do before turning 30.  I love lists though I'm not always so good about following through.  Since I turn 35 in 39 days, I won't be able to be quite as ambitious, but  I've come up with 35 big things I want to accomplish while 35 (I have until October 15th 2011).  I'll cross items off the list as I finish them.
  1. Make a decent pie crust from scratch
  2. Repaint the office
  3. New blinds and/or curtains for bedroom
  4. Finish curtains for office (or move from bedroom)
  5. Research our possible rewire
  6. Insulate the attic (get the insulation out of our garage)
  7. Park a car in our garage (see #6)
  8. Build a work bench for garage
  9. Hem my big stack of pants
  10. Take a road-trip with Darren
  11. Yoga everyday for 30 days
  12. Wake up early to work out
  13. Go to bed earlier on a regular basis
  14. Golf lessons
  15. Buy a bike
  16. Print out pictures to put in albums (and/or create photo books)
  17. Take pictures everyday for 30 days
  18. Blog everyday for 30 days
  19. Plan a trip with Tina
  20. Have people over to our house more often
  21. Map the yard
  22. Build a raised garden bed
  23. Plant sunflowers
  24. Update rock garden on side of house
  25. Plan a Bisset & Flint gathering (before the wedding)
  26. Window box outside kitchen window
  27. Plan date nights with Darren
  28. Gather family stories and history
  29. Sign up for an art class
  30. Sign up for a dance class
  31. Sign up for a cooking class
  32. Work on deck (reinforce, replace boards, repaint
  33. Update kitchen
  34. Stone steps in yard
  35. Create another list for 36!


Amy said...

Hey I like #20! :)

Seattle Yogi said...

I know, we're pretty lame that we don't do much at our place. It's small (cozy) which means if we have people over it'd be nice to be able to have people outside on our deck (needs to be reinforced--umm, we've been putting this off for the last 4 years). Our summer was so short (or non-existent) this year so we didn't really plan any bbq's. Well, I'm hoping to throw something together for my 35th which is coming up soon. :)