Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 2...

of yoga and blogging.  Alarm went off at 6, rolled out of bed at 6:15, and proceeded to roll out the yoga mats.  Darren suggested we get up early for some yoga before work.  Yeah!  We rock.  I admit, that this likely isn't going to be the norm.  Or who knows, maybe I will surprise even myself.

To help me on my yoga 'journey', I purchased a new yoga mat yesterday after class (30% off at my local studio, I think it was meant to be).  My old one was more for show, it was technically a mat, but wafer thin.  Yay, to a big girl mat.

Really enjoyed yesterday morning's class.  Sheri, the instructor of the all levels class, is very welcoming.  One of my favorite parts of Sheri's class is how she has us congratulate ourselves for coming to class.  There's just something about a structured class, a knowledgeable instructor, and getting out of the house early on a Sunday morning which makes the effort worth it.

Can't say I was as enamored with the yoga lesson we practiced along with this AM:  Basics & Headaches via Netflix On Demand.  Was a bit choppy, I prefer a bit more flow.  I didn't always understand the instructor and I didn't feel comfortable during the inversion poses.  I, ahem, have lost a bit of core strength over time and I can sure feel it.  But, still got a lot of stretching and basic poses in and I was feeling much more awake for the first half of the day.

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