Thursday, April 14, 2011


Haven't had a lot of nesting instincts yet, which I think makes D a bit disappointed (was probably hoping I'd start to pull more weight around the house with the cleaning and purging of stuff).  I have lists going of things I want to do, but can't seem to muster up the energy most of the time.  Last Sunday, I was up early, don't think it was even 7 AM yet.  Let the dog out, got myself some water, then noticed the kitchen windows were dirty.  Pulled out the windex and cleaned the windows above the kitchen sink.  I even had to pull out a stool to clean the top pane.  If only the rest of my day had been as productive as those first few early morning minutes.

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Amy said...

LOL I had those moments too, like when I cleaned out our toothbrush holder. And in general dirt started to bother me a bit more (i.e. dirty toilet, carpet,etc.) but clutter didn't really bother me.

I did a bit of "nesting" at the very very end but I think more because I thought I was supposed to be nesting than because I actually deeply felt like nesting. Then again, I had to be induced so who knows if/when the real nesting would have kicked in?