Monday, May 2, 2011

Heartburn & hiccups

70 more days to go according to my weekly e-mail.  I'm now 30 weeks along and Buddha baby is about as heavy as a head of cabbage, ~3 lbs, and ~15.7 inches long.  I can certainly tell he's getting bigger. Other than the growing baby bump, his movements are much larger and pronounced now.  If only I could tell what was what.  There's usually a hard bump on the upper left part of my belly, maybe his bum?  And I'll be able to tell when he's moving a knee or an elbow around because it's a 'sharp' little knobby bump.  When he's super active, it's fun to just sit there and stare at the action going on in my belly.  Have felt Buddha baby with the hiccups twice over the last week or so, very normal in fetal devlopment

I have started feeling Braxton Hicks contractions.  They're not painful, but do cause the whole uterus to contract.  Mostly random though there are times when I get them quite frequently (probably when I'm too active or stressed?).

Something I'm now dealing with more often now, is heartburn.  :(  About a month or so ago, would get the rare attack, now it's happening much more often and is really uncomfortable.  Yay hormones and a crowded abdominal area.

Can't believe there's only 10 more weeks to go!  Not feeling particularly nervous about the delivery.  Not a fan of pain in general, but I'm reading all I can about pain management techniques and look forward to covering those in the birthing classes which start at the end of the month.  I do worry about the length of labor in general and getting to that point of exhaustion.  Have been reminded I've run a half and full marathon.  Instead of the mantra 'keep on running, keep on running' as I did during that training, I'll just use 'keep on breathing, keep on breathing' or something along those lines.  And at least I'll have my lovely D with me along for support.

Have plenty to do on the home front.  Darren is starting the house rewiring project today.  Hope to be finished with the rewire and our mini kitchen remodel in 2 months.  Keeping my fingers crossed we/he doesn't run into too many snags.  Those that have done any major projects on their house can laugh now.  :)  Somewhere in there, the nursery will be painted Dusty Yellow (no-VOC!), the crib will be put together,  shelving will be added to the wall, I'll have decided on a cloth diaper system, I'll finalize my maternity leave, daycare will be figured out for November...

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Amy said...

Yay, getting close!!! Heartburn sucks huh? At least for me that was one thing that disappeared 100% after the baby was born.

And you will do great in labor - nothing to worry about!! :)