Sunday, May 15, 2011

Growing...and then some

I went in to get a professional fit for nursing bras.  2 firsts for me as I've never been officially measured by a 'bra fitting expert' and I've never needed to purchase nursing bras before.  I have purchased a few maternity and sleep bras in the past couple of months, but as I've heard it's worth it to spend money on nursing bras, I wanted to make sure things were going to be a good fit.  Word of caution, nursing bras can be very expensive!  I walked out of Nordstroms with 2 nursing bras and $140 charged on my credit card.  $140 on 2 bras!!  Most popular styles, but really?!   Will be performing a little experiment to see how similar styles of a $16.99 Gilligan & O'Malley bra from Target and the $58 Elle Macpherson nursing bra from Nordstroms compare.

Of course I expected to get a bigger rack during pregnancy, but ahem, wow.  And I'll get larger after Buddha Baby arrives?  Yowza.  I never thought I'd be seeing the letters DD or E on my delicates before.

One brand I've been told to check out is Bravado--I guess Village Maternity at U-Village carry this brand and it only costs around $50.  As I'm all about comfort, would prefer to avoid underwire, I may need to check out nursing camis, but I guess it will depend on how supportive they are.  Lots of great nursing bra comments and tips on this offbeatmama post.

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Amy said...

Wow I didn't know how much they cost! I guess I was really lucky because I had a friend give me a few of her bras. They were DD size which ended up fitting pretty well. It is totally insane isn't it??? When my milk came in my boob was bigger than my baby's head!!!